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Scripting is a tool that gives nurses guidelines for handling situations more effectively. It can help with daily interactions with patients, peers, and physicians. And used correctly, it can be empowering. Having a few good phrases on hand for situations in which they are the recipient of or witness to horizontal violence can give nurses ammunition to disarm offenders professionally and hold them accountable for their actions. It also helps avoid negativity when addressing a problem with a peer. This tool lists some scripted phrases for dealing with negatives behaviors and difficult conversations.

Jack Henry DC, DACBR is a residency-trained radiologist with over 20 years experience interpreting diagnostic images for chiropractors and medical doctors across the country. Dr. Henry has lectured on topics of radiology for state and local chiropractic societies. At present, Dr. Henry makes his home in Massachusetts with his wife Lisa. Together, they have three adult children all of whom currently serve in the Armed Forces: Captain Claire Henry, USMC, 2005 graduate of the US Naval Academy, Lieutenant Sean Teresa Henry, 2008 graduate of the US Air Force Academy, and Cadet 4th Class Conor Henry, US Air Force Academy, Class of 2013.

Tools critiquing research papers

tools critiquing research papers


tools critiquing research paperstools critiquing research paperstools critiquing research paperstools critiquing research papers