Thesis paper on racial profiling

The Great Chain of Being , a medieval idea that there was a hierarchical structure of life from the most fundamental elements to the most perfect, began to encroach upon the idea of race. As taxonomy grew, scientists began to assume that the human species could be divided into distinct subgroups. One's "race" necessarily implied that one group had certain character qualities and physical dispositions that differentiated it from other human populations. Society assigned different values to those differentiations, as well as other, more trivial traits (a man with a strong chin was assumed to possess a stronger character than men with weaker chins). This essentially created a gap between races by deeming one race superior or inferior to another race, thus creating a hierarchy of races. In this way, science was used as justification for unfair treatment of different human populations.

This research paper explored the numerous legal, moral, and ethical issues involved with race discrimination in an American workplace. The study analyzed the long history of the laws, regulations, and statutes that have been developed in an effort to address this problem, and described the serious implications of such measures for American employees and employers. The research paper demonstrated well that although laws, regulations, and statutes remain crucial to the effort to abolish race discrimination in the United States, and despite numerous advancements in recent years, the problem stubbornly persists in workplaces across the nation. As such, perhaps the most important challenge for legal professionals in America today is to recognize that the law is, unfortunately, but an imperfect tool for addressing one of the society’s most intractable problems. As such, in contemplating what position to support in a case, one must not consider its merits in isolation but pay careful attention to the broader implications for the society as a whole.

Thesis paper on racial profiling

thesis paper on racial profiling


thesis paper on racial profilingthesis paper on racial profilingthesis paper on racial profilingthesis paper on racial profiling