School uniforms pros essay

I hate uniforms they suck. I am doing an essay on why we shouldn’t have to wear uniforms right now. Of course the teachers couldn’t care less about what my stupid essay says but I do. 1 we should be able to express ourselves, but I agree that we should keep it appropriate. 2 if i get a hole in the knee of my already way to expensive uniform I have to buy a new one and i tried everything to patch it, but I don’t have enough time and I have to wear it the next day any way. 3 it interferes with our education more than it helps it!! we get detentions and sent home for uniform violations so either it gets too late to finish our crazy amount of homework or we get sent home and get f’s on everything we miss. ): uniforms are more unhelpful then they are helpful and the bullying thing is bullcrapo people can have fitted uniforms that look better than the less fortunate who have bad looking uniforms and I hear the whispers. IT DOESN”T ChANGE ANYTHING!! hear me world cuz ma stupid teachers won’t. I want ma freedom!

During the early years of our republic, children went to private school, had a private tutor or learned at home. These approaches worked because the population was fairly homogenous, with a common language and set of values. However, increased immigration led many to conclude there was a need for an institution to Americanize children. Horace Mann started public schools to promote a common set of values through a common language used to teach a common curriculum. The structure, rules and expectations of the school also conveyed these mainstream values. Success in school depended on children learning both hidden and taught curriculum.

School uniforms pros essay

school uniforms pros essay


school uniforms pros essayschool uniforms pros essayschool uniforms pros essayschool uniforms pros essay