Psychological report sample essays

Table of Contents
Consumer Psychology
Cyber Psychology
Educational Psychology
Forensic Psychology
Health Psychology
Judgment and Decision
Mental Health
Positive Psychology
Psychology and Religion
Sensation and Perception
Social Cognition
Social Psychology

The growing recognition of the importance of psychological therapy, coupled with concerns about access to services, led to the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) requesting the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ Centre for Quality Improvement (CCQI) to conduct a National Audit of Psychological Therapies. The remit of NAPT was to provide the first comprehensive measurement of NHS-funded services providing psychological therapies for people with anxiety and depression in England and Wales. The baseline audit showed that while performance was good overall for most standards, there was considerable variation in performance between services for some standards.

3. Discussion and Opinion All information is carefully considered and the expert’s final opinion is discussed. Where appropriate, differential diagnoses are raised and considered. The opinion provides both a reliable diagnosis of the client’s problems along with the impact of the presenting psychological problems upon various areas of functioning, including the client’s social, occupational and personal life. Psychological problems are also discussed in terms of the client’s pre-morbid psychological state and other relevant factors in terms of offering an opinion upon causation and, where relevant, proportionality of problems to the index event.

Psychological report sample essays

psychological report sample essays


psychological report sample essayspsychological report sample essayspsychological report sample essayspsychological report sample essays