Origin of term white paper

"Habits in Time of Peace. Whenever they are not fighting, they pass much of their time in the chase, and still more in idleness, giving themselves up to sleep and to feasting, the bravest and the most warlike doing nothing, and surrendering the management of the household, of the home, and of the land, to the women, the old men, and all the weakest members of the family. They themselves lie buried in sloth, a strange combination in their nature that the same men should be so fond of idleness, so averse to peace. It is the custom of the states to bestow by voluntary and individual contribution on the chiefs a present of cattle or of grain, which, while accepted as a compliment, supplies their wants. They are particularly delighted by gifts from neighbouring tribes, which are sent not only by individuals but also by the state, such as choice steeds, heavy armour, trappings, and neck-chains. We have now taught them to acccept money also."

As if its roots in slavery don't make the cake walk racially charged enough, its transition in the minstrel shows of the Jim Crow era are even worse. Gone was even the power allotted to the slaves by the mock and jest of the original cake walk. In stage reproductions of the balls, white performers in blackface performed as blacks who made sincere, clumsy attempts at emulating whites out of a desire to be like them, not to undermine them. The original cake walks being local affairs held in the confines of Southern plantations and the minstrel shows traveling as a matter of course, it was the latter's interpretation that came to define the concept for the rest of the country and the world.

Nazi propagandists built on existing stereotypes and antisemitic beliefs to directly link Jews to the spread of disease and pestilence. As part of their racial campaign to “cleanse” society, Nazi leaders implemented “racial hygiene” policies to “protect” non-Jews. For example, in occupied Poland, the Nazis reinforced their policy of confining Jews to ghettos by portraying them as a health threat requiring quarantine, while creating a self-fulfilling prophecy by severely limiting access to food, water, and medicine to those imprisoned there. German “educational” films shown to thousands of Polish school children characterized “the Jew” as a carrier of lice and typhus.

Origin of term white paper

origin of term white paper


origin of term white paperorigin of term white paperorigin of term white paperorigin of term white paper