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Mr. Obama sought legislation to cap greenhouse gas emissions and create a marketplace for carbon early in his first term, but was left to advance lower-profile measures with his executive power after the effort died in Congress. After going all but silent on the issue during his 2012 re-election campaign, Mr. Obama has come to consider action on climate change a key to his legacy . He rolled out the country’s most aggressive regulations to date and positioned the United States as a leader among the nearly 200 nations that gathered in Paris to reach a landmark climate accord last month .

Barack Obama's half-brother, also known as Abongo or Roy, was born c. March 1958, [116] the son of Barack Obama Sr. and his first wife, Kezia. [120] Malik Obama was born and raised in Nairobi , Kenya. [121] He earned a degree in accounting from the University of Nairobi . [122] The half brothers met for the first time in 1985 [121] when Barack flew from Chicago to Washington, ., to visit Malik. [123] Malik and his half-brother Barack were best men at each other's weddings. [121] Barack Obama brought his wife Michelle to Kenya three years later, and they met with Malik again while meeting many other relatives for the first time. [124]

During the 2008 election season , Barack Obama's experience was a topic of contention. Both Democratic and Republican politicians criticized his experience in regard to whether he was ready to be President of the United States. After his nomination the criticism was mostly from Republican politicians; many Democratic politicians stated that they believed that Obama was ready. [40] Criticism was almost exclusively centered on his readiness for the position of commander in chief of the armed forces. Hillary Clinton often stated during her unsuccessful campaign for the Democratic nomination that Obama would not be a candidate who's ready on "Day One". [41] After conceding the race for the nomination, she endorsed Obama. While campaigning for president, Joe Biden said that he believed Obama was not yet ready for the job of president, but that eventually he would be ready. Biden, who went on to serve as Obama's vice president, has since revised his position on Obama's readiness, but his quotes from the 2008 Democratic Debates were used in campaign ads for John McCain . [42]

Obama campaign essays

obama campaign essays


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