Film criticism essay

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Another early pop music auteur was the Beach Boys ' multi-tasking leader Brian Wilson , [19] who himself was mentored by Spector. [20] Before the progressive pop of the late 1960s, performers were typically unable to decide on the artistic content of their music. [21] Wilson became the first rock producer to use the studio as a discrete instrument , [20] thus making the Beach Boys one of the first rock groups to exert studio control. [22] Music producers after the mid 1960s would draw on his influence, setting a precedent that allowed bands and artists to enter a recording studio and act as producers, either autonomously, or in conjunction with other like minds. [19] The Atlantic ' s Jason Guriel wrote that Wilson "paved the way for auteurs like Kanye West ... anticipat[ing] the rise of the producer ... [and] the modern pop-centric era, which privileges producer over artist and blurs the line between entertainment and art... Anytime a band or musician disappears into a studio to contrive an album-length mystery, the ghost of Wilson is hovering near." [23]

Film criticism essay

film criticism essay


film criticism essayfilm criticism essayfilm criticism essayfilm criticism essay