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Sadly, I must announce that Girltalk will be closing down on February 18. Debbie has had some problems with the domain name, and has found very little time over the past two years to attend to the upkeep of the site (and that is something that I can well understand). However, the clothes made by Linda will still be available. This link will now take you to Debbie's e-mail address, from which you can discuss your clothing requirements.

Stop Press April 2001 Thankfully, the site has been partially saved - it will be cached but inactive, and so the link will take you to the cached copy.

A prime example of this occurred 500 years ago in the Gujarati sultanate of western India. Sayyid Muhammad Jawnpuri (d. 1505 .) asserted that he was the Mahdi. [24] His followers, who came to be known as Mahdavis, accused the Gujarati sultans and religious officials of takfir (unbelief). The sultans fought back, often displaying the severed heads of Mahdavi caliphs in order to intimidate would-be followers. The Gujarati brutality served its purpose and, by the end of the sixteenth century, the Mahdavis faded into oblivion.

Is it possible that Parmenides was referring to the object orientation of our thoughts with his famous saying that "what is is and what is not is not"? Consider that when separating an object from its background, we can conceive of the object as something but can not conceive the background as a thing. The object is "what is", while the background is "what is not". This interpretation fits well with several ideas of the time, for example that opposites had a special position in our thought, that the universe is one (Zeno's paradoxes

Essay sleepers

essay sleepers


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