Essay on prophet muhammad as a role model

We must end our discussion of slavery with two final questions. First, if Allah did not want slavery to exist, why not simply forbid it , as the eating of swine and the consumption of intoxicants are forbidden? We must first remember this: "Because the Qur'an does not state explicitly that slavery is abolished, it does not follow that it is to be continued, particularly in view of the numerous ways in which the Qur'an seeks to eliminate this absolute evil" (Hassan 375). Still, it is true that some things in Arabic society, such as alcohol, were considered so destructive that an outright, unconditional, and immediate ban was necessary. (Even then, as pointed out in the beginning, intoxicants were gradually banned over the course of three different surahs.) Slavery, however, was more difficult to eliminate. As noted earlier, it was an integral part of the Arab economy. In order to successfully destroy the weed of human bondage, the roots had to be carefully examined, discovered to be harmful, then slowly pulled out. The culture of slavery was so ancient a condition it was considered normal, intractable, inevitable; thus, the Qur'an had to force Muslims to first rationally conceive that slavery was evil, so that it would eventually be eliminated: "Through the use of their own intellect they will determine their responses - of course, in the light of the broad principles laid down by the Qur'an - to the changing socio-moral situations that we are bound to come across in life" (Khaliq 112-113). The dynamic nature of the Qur'an laid the groundwork for Muslims to examine the social and moral evils of human ownership. An Islamic State that understands the universal principle of equality also understands the particular principle of why slavery cannot exist in a just society.

Ishmael, essentially, is the product of Abraham and Sara’s lack of trust in God. God told Abraham to trust in Him, that His descendants will be as numerous as the stars above. Sara told Abraham that I am old, how can this happen? “Maybe Abraham we should take this in to our own hands and you go in to my handmaiden, Hagar.” and voila……..nine months later, Ishmael. Ishmael was essentially the bastard son, while Isaac is whom God had promised. If Islam dates back to Ishmael, is there a case for illegitimacy for that faith? Positing this question……anyone’s thoughts???

Essay on prophet muhammad as a role model

essay on prophet muhammad as a role model


essay on prophet muhammad as a role modelessay on prophet muhammad as a role modelessay on prophet muhammad as a role modelessay on prophet muhammad as a role model